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Elite Tree Service offers a comprehensive array of professional tree care services to meet the needs of our clients. From routine maintenance like trimming and pruning to specialized services such as tree removal and stump grinding, we handle every aspect of tree care with precision and expertise.

Choose Elite Tree Service for unparalleled expertise, professionalism, and quality in tree care. Our team of certified arborists and skilled technicians brings years of experience to every project, ensuring that your trees receive the best care possible.

tree planting

Tree Planting

Our team here at Elite Tree Service is can help you select the perfect tree and shrub species that goes along with your home’s landscape. We first determine the right planting position to ensure that the tree or shrub gets the water and sunlight it needs to thrive. We will also help you select the perfect tree out of an assortment of nursery grown plants.


Crane moves large section of Redwood tree

Tree Removal

If you have a tree that is ugly or poorly placed, Elite Tree Service has the resources it needs to quickly and safely have it removed. We recommend that if there is a tree on your property that is causing some concern for your family, have us come out and do a risk evaluation test. Our certified team of professionals can determine if the tree can safely withstand monsoon storm and microbursts which may cause serious problems if ignored.

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Tree Trimming and Pruning

Our team of Elite Tree professionals share decades of native tree experience. From native desert trees to species and hybrid introduced into the Arizona landscape, we can ensure the health of your ornamentals. With the care from our trained team, your trees and shrubs will be able to weather extreme heat, winter freezes, and wild monsoons.


Irrigation Systems and Repair

Your irrigation system is a crucial part of your landscape’s health. If they don’t work properly, your trees and other plants won’t get the water they need! Elite Tree Service will send certified technicians to your home to install an irrigation system that will keep your landscape healthy. To design a system that best fits your home, we will map out your property to ensure that the system reaches every inch of your landscape.

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Tree Fertilization and Health

We’re here to ensure you trees stay healthy in the Arizona desert landscape. We will continually check to make sure your tree is getting the water and nutrients it needs to survive and thrive.

Our fertilization process begins with a thorough assessment of your trees’ health and soil conditions. We analyze factors such as soil pH, nutrient levels, and tree species to determine the most appropriate fertilization regimen.


Elite Tree Service

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