Elite Tree Service

To ensure our clients sustain healthy trees to enjoy and maintain the value these assets bring to their landscapes and properties, our Arborists & Technicians are specialists when it comes to:

Arizona Soil & Tree Conditions & Problems

Appropriate Treatments & Fertilization Programs

On-Going, Correct Pruning Cycles

Properly Configured Irrigation Systems

Tree Removals (Hazardous Or Otherwise)

Adding/Planting The Perfectly Selected Tree To Improve Landscapes

Tree Fertilization and Health

We’re here to ensure you trees stay healthy in the arizona desert landscape. We will continually check to make sure your tree is getting the water and nutrients it needs to survive and thrive.

Tree Maintenance and Pruning

When a tree is healthy, it will grow and branch out in new areas. But, with that, your landscape quickly begins to look like it’s uncared for. We’ll trim and maintain your tree so it stays healthy and looking great!

Irrigation Systems and Repair

Your irrigation system is a crucial part of your landscape’s health. If they don’t work properly, your trees and other plants won’t get the water they need! We’ll keep your system functioning anytime of the year.

Free Estimates

Fully Insured

Quality Standards

15 Years of Expertise

Certified Arborists

Each and every one of our professional arborists are certified and trained to take care of your Arizona trees. Whether they’re big or small, our team knows how to fertilize, water, feed, and maintain your tree year in – year out. So, all you need to do is sit back and admire your beautiful trees.

Donny Martin

ISA Certified Arborist | License # WE-12763A

Donny Martin

ISA Certified Arborist | License # WE-12763A

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Ricky Bobby

Phoenix, AZ

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